About Us

Dr. Karen’s skin care

Our skin is not only the first thing people see but it is our first line of defense when it comes to infections, ultraviolet rays, and harsh climatic changes in our environment.

As a physician I have become very aware of how sensitive our skin has become due to these exposures as well as due to different kinds of inherent food and chemical sensitivities, and I too have struggled to find the right products on the market for my own sensitive skin. 

I have always felt in life if you can’t find the right door, then either create or build your own!  

So, as a result of extensive research, I am happy to say we believe we have come up with a skin care line of products which combines 100% handpicked organic ingredients that in just the right combination, is fantastic for all skin types. 

These products are packed with essential oils, dermatologic vitamins, powerful hydrators and rich with omega fatty acids all formulated in just the right amounts to nourish and hydrate the skin. The end result is a revitalized hydrated plump glow to your skin creating a look of reversing time. 

As a physician I understand that what goes on your body gets into your body, so my goal in creating this line is to build your trust in the products we have created for you use as a part of your daily skin treatment regimen. I am a firm believer that we should ALWAYS trust the products we use.